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The Mime International Festival of Sueca is a festival dedicated specifically to exhibit theatre performances and happenings in which gesture, gestuality, mime, bodies and movement are the main artistic feature of the event and the most important communicative channel to the audience.

Every annual edition of the festival has staged almost all kind of performances according to gestual theatre, offerinf innovations and recovering styles of the history of the gestual theatre. From revisions of the pantomimic grecolatine theatre, the French pantomime of the XVIIIth century, commedia dell’arte, clown performances… to the most innovative, avantgardist, original and contemporary proposals from part of national and international theatre companies, dance performances, circus techniqued theatral proposals,…
The Mime International Festival of Sueca has known how to integrate its character of exhibition to the audience together with an interesting formative and pedagogic programme, yet courses and lectures are programed –guided to professionals of the scenic arts– with some of the most prestigious teachers of the genre: Jacques Lecoq, Leonid Roberman, Jerry Snell, Andreizj Leparski, Joan Font, Eduardo Haro Tecglen, Carles Santos, Eugenio Barba,…

The success from part of the public in the festival has been pushed by more than 22.000 spectators in its latest editions, the press coverage of the event, and the attendance of companies such as La Fura dels Baus, Sèmola Teatre and Vol-Ras (Barcelona), Stalker Stilt Theatre (Australia), Dram-Bakus, Jo Bithûme, Claire Ducreux, Compagnie du Philippe Genty and La Jacquerie (France), Yllana Producciones (Madrid), CVOCI-Cracy Mimes (Chek Republique), Jango Edwards and Avner Eisenberg (U.S.A.), Pantakin da Venezia and Teatro Scientífico di Verona (Italy), and Xarxa Teatre, Maduixa Teatre, Visitants, Circ Gran Fele and Sol Picó (Valencia) among more than 150 participating companies.

The festival, which has been taking place in Sueca during the 3rd week of September for longer than two decades, is organized by Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana, the Townhall of Sueca and Bancaixa Foundation in colaboration with some other associations and enterprises.
The emotion of the universal gesture is just 33 km away from Valencia.

Cliente: Mostra Internacional de MIM
Link: www.mimsueca.com


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24 septiembre, 2015